Fallout 76's latest DLC will have players venturing back to the Pitt, the irradiated ruins of Pittsburgh which was the setting for a Fallout 3 expansion of the same name. The update is free and available now but is designed for high-level play, so you may want to gear up before going on this adventure.

Expeditions into The Pitt are large-scale, repeatable missions for groups of up to four players. From Whitespring Refuge, take a Vertibird into the dark heart of Pittsburgh, where unknown horrors await. These expeditions are randomised, so you will never know what comes next. Successful completion of these raids will award players with Stamps, which can be redeemed for powerful expedition-themed rewards. Check out the video below to get an idea of what to expect.

What do you think of The Pitt? Will you be venturing back into the ruins? Gear up in the comments section below.

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