Return to Monkey Island Neil Druckmann

The new (and very highly rated) Monkey Island game stars none other than Neil Druckmann, the man himself has confirmed. You probably know Druckmann as the co-president of Sony first party studio Naughty Dog, and director of The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II.

Okay, so 'stars' is perhaps pushing it. Druckmann apparently lends his voice to an NPC, and that's about it. But still, it must be pretty cool to have a Monkey Island cameo. You may also recall that Uncharted 4 has certain...ties to Monkey Island as well — and Druckmann was writer and director for that one, too. Definitely a fan, then!

As for Return to Monkey Island, we'll hopefully get to play it on a PlayStation console at some point in the future. The long-awaited sequel is currently available on Switch and PC, and our friends over at Nintendo Life gave the bloody thing a 9/10 in their review.

It doesn't make the wait any easier...

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