PlayStation games on PC might rub some fans the wrong way, but there's one very important thing we all need to remember: mods. A community will form around most major PC games these days in order to tinker with them in all sorts of ways, modifying the experience in some way. One modder, Jedijosh920, has dedicated his time and energy to Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, transforming the game with a fundamental change in perspective. The result is pretty nuts.

In the above video, the modder demonstrates a first-person mode for the open world superhero title and, fair warning, those prone to motion sickness might want to stay away. Swinging around Manhattan, running up buildings, and flipping like there's no tomorrow feels great in third-person, and looks thrilling behind the mask too — if you have an iron stomach.

The camera follows Spidey through all his twists and turns, moving as his head does in the game. This means you get full rotations and jerky camera movements as the hero web-slings through the city. It's an impressive mod, and we know a lot of people will be into this, but in terms of comfort, this probably needs a little more work.

What do you think of first-person Spidey? Are you interested in this? Is it simply too disorientating? Don't lose your head in the comments section below.