Metal Gear Solid Snake Statue
Image: Famitsu

Ever wanted to feel like Solid Snake, in all of his grizzled glory, is watching you from the corner of a room? Well, your dreams are about to come true. As reported by Famitsu, model-making company First 4 Figures has announced a life-size bust of the legend himself, and its icy, borderline psychotic stare is frankly terrifying.

Did Snake's enemies feel a similar level of fear when they saw him closing in for some CQC? We can only imagine.

The 'Grand-Scale' version, which isn't quite life-size, will set you back a whopping $407.99, while the actual life-size edition costs an eyewatering $839.99. That's a lot of money just to scare yourself stupid in a darkened corridor. The estimated release date is Q3 2023, so you've got some time to weigh up your life choices.

How much of a Metal Gear Solid fan are you? Prove that you're the true son of Big Boss in the comments section below.

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