The Entropy Centre is looking to fill that Portal-shaped hole in every gamer's heart with its dark-science setting and quippy talking gun. In an explosive new trailer, we finally got confirmation of a release date. You can look forward to diving into this one on 3rd November, on PS5 and PS4.

You play as Aria, who awakens in the bowels of The Entropy Centre, a massive space station in near orbit of Earth. The Entropy Centre itself appears devoid of human life, and worse, Earth appears to be undergoing an extinction-level event, with the entire thing being on fire.

With the aid of the smack-talking gun ASTRA, conveniently capable of reversing the stream of time, Aria will need to find a way first to survive, and then uncover the truth behind this monstrous mess.

What do you think of The Entropy Centre? Why was Portal so ahead of its time, even all those years ago? Find the solution, any solution, in the comments section below.