If you're into crime-busting visual novels such as Ace Attorney or Danganronpa, you might want to take a look at Process of Elimination. This freshly announced adventure appears to feature a similar setup, offering a whodunnit mystery for players to solve.

You play as one of several detectives, who form an alliance to collectively track down the infamous mass murderer, the Quartering Duke. With more than one hundred lives claimed, you're tasked with putting an end to the killing spree — but as it turns out, the killer is posing among your group. That's a big uh-oh!

You'll have to work with the other detectives to find evidence, conversing with them and making choices to get to the bottom of each case. They each have "unique skills, tools, and personalities", while you can use your power of Denouement to absorb information and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Based on the screenshots we've seen so far, it looks to play out similarly to the aforementioned games, but hopefully it can bring something unique to the table. Process of Elimination releases on PS4 in 2023.