Nightmare Reaper is a retro-inspired first-person roguelike with a pulsating metal soundtrack and gore by the gallon. Originally released in March for PC, Nightmare Reaper is "coming soon" to PS5 and PS4.

Harkening back to the glory days of the Wolfenstein and Doom franchises, Nightmare Reaper features an OST by composer Andrew Hulshult, perhaps best known for his incredible work on Doom: Eternal. An impressive 80 unique weapons are available, with more than 30 enchantments that can further add to the random nature of every encounter.

This grimdark shooter currently enjoys very favourable reviews on Steam, so it looks like old-school shooter fans are in for a real treat when this one comes to console. What do you think of Nightmare Reaper? Will you be picking it up when it does make the jump to PlayStation? Start blasting away in the comments section below.