Naughty Dog has immortalized a Visual Arts developer who sadly passed away whilst they were working on The Last of Us: Part I. Daniel Kinnard, a producer at the studio, can be found posing as a baseball player on a poster located in the farmhouse with Tommy during the sequence where you search for Ellie. Colleague Robert Morrison described Kinnard as a "wonderful person".

Senior character artist Colleen Peck Larson then quote retweeted the post to say her husband was a good friend of Daniel Kinnard, and his passing "was a big shock. It means so much for ND to pay tribute in this way."

Daniel Kinnard's hard work hasn't gone unnoticed, with our The Last of Us: Part I PS5 review describing the title as "a better, more beautiful remake of a modern classic". R.I.P Daniel Kinnard.