With Marvel's Midnight Suns approaching its new release date of 2nd December, developer Firaxis is continuing to highlight a few of its superhero characters. Next in line is Magik, a mutant from the X-Men universe who is capable of opening up portals in time and space. While not as well known as Iron Man or Spider-Man, her abilities may make her a popular choice in the turn-based strategy game.

Her moveset revolves around her portal-producing powers. You can lay down the entry and exit portals pretty much anywhere on the field, and then send a bad guy hurtling through. This opens up some fun possibilities, like launching enemies into explosive objects, or into other baddies. Another of Magik's moves allows her to draw in foes together, which will be a great set-up for other heroes' area-of-effect attacks.

It seems like she'll be a great support role on the team, though it appears she can hold her own as well. Watch the video for more information. Are you excited to have Magik on your side in Marvel's Midnight Suns? Tell us in the comments section below.

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