Like a Dragon Ishin English Dub

As part of ongoing coverage at Tokyo Game Show, RGG Studio has confirmed that freshly announced remake Like a Dragon: Ishin! will not have an English voiceover option — it'll just be sticking with subtitles. The developer has greenlit English dubs for its most recent games — Judgment, Lost Judgment, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon — so this news does come as a bit of a surprise.

It's not just RGG Studio being lazy, though. As reported by The Tojo Dojo, the developer says that an English dub would be particularly difficult for Ishin!. "The specialized vocabulary and the way people talked during the Bakumatsu era would make the lines incredibly long so it just wouldn’t work. So this time we’re doing subtitles," producer Yokoyama explains.

With the way Yokoyama words this, it does sound as though future Like a Dragon games will still be considered for English voiceovers — it's just that Ishin! is a special case. We would be shocked, for example, if Like a Dragon 8 doesn't have a dub option.

Are you bothered by the lack of an English dub? Start reading those subtitles in the comments section below.