Masayasu Ito
Image: Famitsu / Push Square

Sony has confirmed that Masayasu Ito will retire from the company on the 1st October. You may have seen Ito's name mentioned in various corporate-focused articles over the years, and that's because he's the vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment — a key figure in the overall business of PlayStation. Ito's words have often been referenced during financial calls and other official statements regarding the brand.

Anyway, the 60-year-old's tenure is coming to an end after an impressive 36 years at Sony. He actually started out working on in-car audio equipment all the way back in 1986, before moving on to PlayStation in 2000. Ito oversaw the engineering of both the PS4 and the PS5, so it's safe to say that he's had a huge impact on PlayStation as a business.

Ito's position is being filled by Lin Tao, who's already the acting director and deputy president of SIE. Tao's first taste of PlayStation came in the PS2 era, before she moved over to Sony's mobile divisions. She returned to the gaming side of things in 2021, and seems to share a similar vision to the likes of CEO Jim Ryan, with PlayStation gradually becoming a multiplatform brand.

Naturally, we wish Mr. Ito all the best in his retirement.

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