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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's open beta just wrapped up, and it was the biggest in the franchise's long history. Developer Infinity Ward is taking community feedback to heart, promising to address fans criticism and concerns ahead of the shooter's 28th October launch.

Infinity Ward thanked beta participants for taking part in the beta over the last two weeks and outlined the changes the studio would be making in response. Work will be done to balance the audio mix between an enemy and an ally's footsteps, allowing players to differentiate friend from foe better. In addition, the visibility of enemies will be increased to allow for better tracking of opponents beyond the traditional nameplate.

The developer is very happy with the tuning of weapons, which were tweaked between the first and second weeks of the beta. Infinity Ward notes the many bugs present in Battle Map modes Ground War and Invasion and mentions that AI improvements are coming to the latter game mode.

From our experience over the past week, the beta was surprisingly fun, and we look forward to diving into the full experience. With Battlefield 2042 existing in such a sorry state, MW2 might give us the large-scale vehicular-based multiplayer experience we have been craving, which is somewhat ironic and strangely exciting.

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