The latest season of content for shooter RPG The Division 2 is now live, introducing with it a bunch of new gear to unlock and baddies to blow up. Originally launching back in 2019, the Price of Power is the title's tenth season of ongoing live support.

In the Price of Power, players are tasked with hunting down the rogue General Peter Anderson, who is looking to secure his position of power as the new leader of the True Sons. Anderson seeks to form an alliance between the True Sons and the Black Tusk, a coalition powerful to threaten what tenuous stability Division agents have been able to secure.

We got a couple of explosive trailers showing off what players can expect in this latest swathe of content, one focusing on the story at hand (above) and the other showing off some explosive gameplay (below).

Are you up to date with The Division 2? Will you be diving into Season 10: Price of Power? Activate your government-sanctioned resistance cell in the comments section below.

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