We got our first look at gameplay for Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising today, an upcoming brawler based on the popular TV show, and not in reality, apparently, judging by the elemental special attacks these teens are unleashing. This one isn't too far off either, as Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising is slated for a Fall 2022 release, on PS5 and PS4.

The game itself looks fun and is full of the same over-the-top angst and karate action that fills the hearts of 80s and 90s kids alike with a powerful sense of nostalgia. The trailer is narrated by Yuji Okumoto, the actor who portrays antagonist-turned-ally Chozen Toguchi in The Karate Kid Part II and the later seasons of Cobra Kai, which is pretty cool.

What do you think of Dojos Rising? Are you up to date with the Cobra Kai TV series? Is Daniel the real bully of the Karate Kid universe? Wax on and/or off in the comments section below.

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