The Inquisitor is a grimdark fantasy game set in an alternate 1500 A.D. where Jesus escaped his crucifixion and rather than preach forgiveness, sought violent vengeance on the non-believers. It's been announced for PS5 and is targeting a Q4 2023 release window.

Century's later, the Inquisitor's continue to enforce this Holy Law. You play as one such blood-soaked agent of the church, named Mordimer Madderin, tasked with rooting out the sin and corruption that festers in the bowels of the city of Koenigstein. You will need to hunt down and interrogate heretics, using any method necessary in order to gain the information required.

This one looks interesting, and while the trailer was a little stiff, the setting and premise seem ripe for exploration. We will be keeping an eye on this one as often as we can spare it. What do you think of The Inquisitor? Confess your sins in the comments section below.