Capcom isn't shy about showing Street Fighter 6 off, and so we've got a massive amount of gameplay footage coming out of Tokyo Game Show and the publisher's own preview events. But one video in particular has caught our eye — and you can find it embedded above.

This is over two hours of Street Fighter 6 gameplay, running on PS5, captured by none other than fighting game legend Justin Wong. He tries out a bunch of different characters (yes, Ken's playable in this build) and he even covers full move lists. It's easily one of the most in-depth looks at Street Fighter 6 you'll find on YouTube.

There's no doubt people will be analysing the heck out of this footage, then, but it's important to note that this is still a development build, and certain things will very likely change before the recently announced closed beta kicks off.

What do you make of Street Fighter 6 so far? Punish that whiff in the comments section below.