The remake of the fan-favourite horror title Dead Space is fast approaching. Scheduled for launch in January, the game brings back a much loved classic, and we're slowly starting to see more of it. Just yesterday, developer Motive Studio provided a couple of new details, like how it'll follow in God of War's footsteps with a single-shot camera from start to finish. Now, Microsoft's Xbox Store has inadvertently unveiled a trio of screenshots, and they look glorious.

Dead Space's remake is in development for current-gen consoles only, and you can really see the sheen coming through these three images:

Built in EA's Frostbite engine, it looks incredibly detailed. There's a real richness to the lighting, volumetric fog, and bloodstained textures, and it gives off a very similar atmosphere to the PS3 original. Of course, it looks vastly superior to the 2008 title, but seems to be sticking faithfully to its roots as well. It appears Motive is very much on the right track.

These screenshots have whetted our appetite for more, so hopefully we see more Dead space very soon. Are you excited for this grisly remake? Chop up some necromorphs in the comments section below.

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