Developer Flying Wild Hog has uploaded a second extended gameplay trailer focusing on upcoming title Evil West. Due for release on PS5 and PS4 in November 2022, another 13 minutes of footage can be viewed above. Starting with what looks like a high-quality cutscene, it's not too long before the action kicks into gear.

Additionally, the PS5 version is now up for pre-order on the PS Store. The listing confirms the game will be priced at £49.99/$59.99 and putting some money down early gives you the Wild Wild East Pack containing a new costume and five weapon skins. "A dark menace consumes the American frontier," the PS Store listing reads.

"As one of the last agents in a top secret vampire-hunting institute, you are the final line between humanity and a deep-rooted terror that now emerges from the shadows. Rise up to become a Wild West Superhero, eradicate the vampire threat and save the United States!" Compared to the God of War style of gameplay except with guns, Evil West arrives on 22nd November 2022.