Well, we know what Wild Hearts is now. The product of a partnership between EA and Koei Tecmo, this is an action RPG in the vein of Monster Hunter β€” or perhaps Toukiden is a better comparison, since it's coming from Omega Force, the same Japanese developer.

The title will consist of giant beasts that need to be taken down, and it of course features co-op play. There's also a focus on constructing tools to help you in combat, like platforms that can be used to attack larger monsters, and weaponry that deals big damage. An extended look at Wild Hearts is coming on the 5th October.

Its release date isn't far off, either. It's set to launch for PS5 on the 17th February 2023, adding yet another enticing title to an already outrageously packed year. And yes, it is a full retail title (priced at $69.99) β€” it's not free-to-play, as some have speculated in the lead up to this reveal.

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