Tales of Symphonia Remastered Frame Rate

Well, it was a nice announcement while it lasted! Tales of Symphonia Remastered, scheduled to launch for PS4 in early 2023, is already attracting ire from fans. According to the game's official Japanese website, which features a list of technical specifications, the title will be capped at 30 frames-per-second on all platforms, including PS4, with its resolution set at 1080p. Not much of a remaster, then, is it?

It's an especially disappointing realisation because 2013's Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on the PS3 was stuck at 30fps as well. Ten years later, and nothing's changed. This means that the original 2003(!) GameCube release is still the only version to support 60fps, which is mental.

Tales of Symphonia is a beloved action RPG — many consider it a classic — so it's a real shame to see that Bandai Namco isn't keen on pumping more resources into its remaster. Perhaps it's harder than we think, but it's still not a great look for what should be the definitive version of a title that first released 20 years ago.

What are your thoughts on this? Is the lower frame rate a dealbreaker for you? Swing two swords around in the comments section below.

[source tosre-nowagain.tales-ch.jp, via twitter.com]