Legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont, and Alucard, the half-human, half-vampire scion of Dracula, are coming to Brawlhalla in time for Halloween, on 19th October, and we got a cool animated trailer showing the duo in action. The twosome come from the Castlevania franchise and look like a wonderful addition to Brawlhalla's already expansive cast of characters.

Simon Belmont wields his signature Vampire-Killer chain whip and comes packing throwing axes and holy water. Alucard, meanwhile, needs only a sword, relying on his unholy speed and strength to do the rest. The two characters are a cool inclusion, and the crossover is surprising, but a welcome one, at that.

Are you playing Brawlhalla? What do you think of the inclusion of Alucard and Simon Belmont? Raise the stakes in the comments section below.

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