Marvel's Spider-Man needs no introduction at this point, as it sits safely ensconced as one of the PS4's most beloved and successful titles to date. The game's opening moments manage to draw the player into Insomniac's vision for this character with masterful rapidity, and that intro certainly deserves some dissection.

IGN spoke to developers from Insomniac Games for the latest episode of Art of the Level, to learn exactly how they pulled off the relatively rare feat of launching into a new superhero tale without needing to rehash an origin story

The video runs for upwards of 20 minutes, breaking down each frame of the intro, and how not a moment of screen time is wasted. It's a fantastic piece and a reminder of how special Marvel's Spider-Man truly was at the time and remains today.

What are your favourite intros in video games? How does Marvel's Spider-Man stack up? Give us the lowdown in the comments section below.