It was inevitable, wasn't it? As soon as Persona 5 Royal was announced for PS5, and then it was confirmed that there would be no free upgrade or upgrade path for those who already own the game on PS4, we all knew that Atlus would wheel out a new collector's edition. And here it is!

Persona 5 Royal PS5 Collector's Edition

The 1 More Edition (bloody hell, they're not even trying to hide it!) is now up for pre-order, and it comes with all of the usual goodies, like a steelbook, a tarot card deck, art prints, and...a bag made in the image of Akechi's briefcase. Fair enough.

The 1 More Edition will set you back $119.99 on the official Atlus store, but are you tempted to pick it up? Or is this some genuine phantom thievery from the publisher? Steal some hearts in the comments section below.