Assassin's Creed Mirage, the next instalment in Ubisoft's historical series, will be fully revealed this weekend at the publisher's Ubisoft Forward showcase. But, as is usually the case with anything and everything Ubisoft these days, details about the game are already leaking well ahead of schedule.

This latest information comes from the PlayStation Store, as relayed by Tom Henderson. The yet-to-be-published product page confirms that Mirage will be a cross-gen title, meaning that it's set to release on both PS5 and PS4. There was a bit of speculation that the game might drop last-gen consoles, but given Ubisoft's track record of releasing its tentpole titles on as many platforms as possible, we don't think this is hugely surprising news.

Oh, and the page says that if you grab the game on PS4, you're eligible for a free PS5 upgrade — which is always nice.

Three main bullet points are also present on the page:

  • Experience a modern take on the iconic features and gameplay that have defined a franchise for 15 years.
  • Parkour seamlessly through the city and stealthily take down targets with more visceral assassinations than ever before.
  • Explore an incredibly dense and vibrant city whose inhabitants react to your every move, and uncover the secrets of four unique districts as you venture through the Golden Age of Baghdad.

And yes, Basim is the main character.

Again, it's all pretty much expected, but it does reinforce the notion that Mirage will be a more 'traditional' Assassin's Creed experience. Although we can't see Ubisoft ditching every RPG mechanic and live service element that it's worked into the most recent games, it certainly sounds like there'll be a bigger emphasis on...well, being an assassin.

Are you looking forward to seeing Assassin's Creed Mirage in action? For now, keep your hidden blade hidden in the comments section below.