Apex Legends Respawn

In responding to what is sadly becoming a regular occurrence these days, Respawn, the studio behind Apex Legends, has issued an official statement regarding the targeted harassment of its developers.

You may remember Sony's Santa Monica Studio making a very similar statement earlier in the year, when some "fans" took to social media in order to lash out at the people who were working on God of War Ragnarok. With a live service, online multiplayer title likes of Apex Legends, however, we imagine that the vitriol is much more consistent, which can't be healthy for Respawn employees.

"We welcome community input, however, the line between constructive feedback and the harassment of our dev team cannot be crossed," reads Respawn's post. Indeed, even if a studio makes a questionable decision with regards to its game — a decision that may well warrant criticism — it can't be forgotten that real people take the brunt of the feedback. And if that feedback turns into pointed harassment, then there's simply no defending it — not when, at the end of the day, it's just a video game.

Another studio that knows exactly what Respawn's having to deal with is Bungie. The Destiny developer offered support in the form of a reply, writing: "Standing against toxicity and harassment takes all of us working together to build healthier communities. We are with you in that effort Respawn."

It's a real shame that we have to be posting news like this at all, but clearly, things do have to change.

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