Apex Legends never fails to spice things up, and the latest seasonal event coming your way is called Fight or Fright, which will run for four weeks starting on 4th October, cycling in limited-time game modes with a bunch of themed cosmetics to unlock.

The event kicks off with Shadow Royale, which takes place on the Olympus After Dark map. In Shadow Royale, defeated teammates become infinitely respawning shades that assist their allies from beyond the grave, by reviving them and dealing extra melee damage.

The week after, it Gun Run, which is a game mode that requires teams to get kills with specific weapons in order to ascend to level 25, and become the champion. Gun Run is live right now in Apex Legend's Beast of Prey, and its only fine, so its interesting to see it will be making a comeback so soon.

Week 3 will see the return of Control, the classic game mode you know and loved from shooters since the very dawn of time. But hey, it's a classic for a reason, right?

The month will close with another week of Shadow Royale, which honestly sounds like the best of the bunch. What do you think of Apex Legends Fight or Fright event? Are we wrong about Gun Run? Will you be diving in? Hot drop into the comments section below.

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