Pacific Drive is the debut game from Ironwood Studios, and it's certainly caught our attention. This is a "run-based, first-person driving survival game" set in a mysterious North American region that's doing its best to kill you. On your side is a car and your wits.

Heading to PS5 in 2023, the game takes you to the Olympic Exclusion Zone, a once-utopian area decimated by experiments gone bad, meaning it's now home to radiation, extreme weather, and otherworldly monsters. You're stuck inside, and you'll need to keep your car running if you want to survive and find all the game's mysteries.

It's a sort of rogue-lite experience. You start from your garage and go out into the unknown in search of useful resources. Each drive will provide a different journey with ever-shifting environments, but your exploration is rewarded with upgrades to the garage, your vehicle, and more.

We're super intrigued by this one, and there's more details over on the PS Blog if you are too. Are you excited for Pacific Drive? Tell us in the comments section below.