The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4

With all the different death animations developer Striking Distance Studios has squeezed into PS5 and PS4 survival horror The Callisto Protocol, it was always going to find a way to force you to see them. And according to an interview with IGN Japan, this is its solution: you ain’t getting the Platinum Trophy without dying dozens upon dozens of times.

Specifically, you’ll need to see every grisly murder in all its gory glory to unlock a gong. “We’re working on our Achievements and Trophies at the moment, and we actually have an achievement in there for seeing all of the deaths,” dev Mark James revealed. “You are gonna die in our game.”

This could potentially become a frustrating Trophy to unlock, depending on how many permutations there are. “We're not going to reveal the number of deaths at the moment,” James teased. “But I think you’ll have to work hard to do it.” We imagine many of the animations will be missable, so unless there’s straightforward chapter select, you may have to go in prepared.

Specifically, it’s not just the aliens in the game that can kill you – it’s the environment, too. “Each monster has its own way it kills you, and environmental hazards are hazards to you as well as to the enemy,” continued James. “In one of our trailers, he backed into a fan, and when you’re backing away from a monster you’ve got to be really careful because these hazards can kill you as much as the enemy in front of you.”

It all brings new meaning to the iconic Dark Souls adage: prepare to die.