Black Myth Wukong PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Ah, good ol’ Black Myth: Wukong – the dreamy action adventure game from Chinese developer Game Science, which steps out of the shadows a couple of times a year and never fails to drop our jaws. While we’re sceptical of this title ever seeing the light of day, it’s hard not to be impressed by what the studio’s showing here.

The first clip runs a full eight minutes, and has been published by NVIDIA to showcase its nifty DLSS technology. We get to see an array of gameplay here, including some particularly crunchy combat against a whole host of weird and wonderful enemies – we particularly like the plant-like foe, which can restrain the protagonist by sending roots through the ground.

The second video, meanwhile, features a six minute cutscene. The game is based on classic novel Journey to the West, and while we’re not especially familiar with that story, the cinematography in the cutscene is absolutely superb. We’re especially impressed with the way characters flit about the scene, never standing still – it really draws you in.

So yeah, incredibly impressive, then. The problem is there’s still no release date, or even confirmation of PS5 – although Game Science has said it’s targeting “all mainstream consoles”. For as exciting as it all undoubtedly looks, we’re just not convinced this will ever come out – let’s hope we’re proven wrong, eh?

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