Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Team Ninja's next hardcore action RPG, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, looks very promising indeed — have a watch of its recent gameplay trailer to see how it's going. The developer, which previously brought us a pair of great Souls-like games with Nioh and Nioh 2, is building on its past efforts, though this new title will share some DNA with its predecessors.

According to Spanish site Vandal, speaking with producer Masaaki Yamagiwa, Wo Long will take about 40 hours to complete. This is in the same ball park as Team Ninja's last two titles, and as expected, the game will have plenty more to chew on for players who want to see and do everything, including endgame content after the credits roll.

Again, like the Nioh games, this new RPG will have a quest-based structure with fairly linear levels, rather than one big, expansive map. Each stage will include multiple interconnected routes, however, and the inclusion of a jump in Wo Long means each area will be more explorable and vertical than the older games.

There's no release date on the game just yet, but those attending Tokyo Game Show in September will get to try a playable demo. Are you excited for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Hack and slash the comments section below.

[source vandal.elespanol.com, via thegamespoof.com]