Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive is back – and it’s transforming Super Mario Maker into a head-banging first-person shooter inspired by 90s classics like DOOM. Due out next year on the PS5 and PS4, Meet Your Maker mixes Minecraft-esque user-generated content with fist-pumping FPS combat to create something wholly unique.

Here’s how it works: in an apocalyptic world, you serve a living experiment known as the Chimera, which is fuelled by Genetic Materials – or GenMat. In order to accumulate this precious resource, you must create deadly maze-like Outposts to harvest resources from invaders – and also infiltrate others to steal more. Thus sets the stage for the title’s hybrid gameplay.

So, on the one hand you’ll need to build and construct nefarious gauntlets that will outwit players and help you to extract their precious gubbins. You’ll be able to watch other players’ attempts to steal your resources, so you can identify weaknesses in your design. Much like in Super Mario Maker, other players will be replaying the level to overcome your dastardly construction.

And this is where the other side of the gameplay comes in: you’ll need to raid other Outposts in order to steal even more resources. As you progress, you’ll unlock new traps and cosmetics which you can then use to further customise your Outpost. You’ll even be able to manually record the AI routines of the enemies you place on your stage to customise your mission more.

Exactly how all of this will be balanced is up for debate, but we’re a little bit in love with the concept, as it practically ensures endless replayability. Behaviour Interactive is talking like this will be a live service game, with seasonal updates adding new traps and components for you to further customise your labyrinths.

It’s a really unique and interesting concept, and one we can’t wait to try when the game launches next year. A closed playtest will begin on 23rd August for PC, and there’ll be full co-op support for those who want to raid with friends. Does any of this interest you? Go ahead and Meet Your Maker in the comments section below.