If you are anything like us, you’ll have been glued to your TVs this week as you familiarise yourselves with the mechanics of Rollerdrome. The latest from Roll7 is quickly proving itself to be among the best releases of the year, with gameplay as smooth as butter, and combat that’ll have you trying a level just “one more time”, even though it’s already four in the morning, and you’ve got work in five hours — that one is totally not based on personal experience!

Having put in the hours though with Rollerdrome, we have seen a marked improvement in our approach to the game, that is helping us beat out those high scores, and in some cases, even rank among the best in the world (at least for now). With that we conjured up a list of seven tips and tricks that’ll help you master Rollerdrome’s combat, over on the Push Square YouTube channel.

Whether it is helping to take on foes, or even just boosting the range of your high scores, there is a depth and complexity to Rollerdrome that we wish we had the knowledge to unearth when we first picked it up.

Rollerdrome is available on the PlayStation store for a pretty reasonable price, but if you still aren’t sure on whether to pick it up, you can check out our review. For those of you that are taking the fight back to the House Players, let us know if these tips help, and of course, share some of your own tips that have allowed you to soar to the top.

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