This announcement passed us by last week, but after watching the trailer for Bloody Hell Hotel, we had to share. Developed by Unfold Games, this indie title is an intriguing combination that looks very promising in the above trailer. Management sims and dungeon crawlers have crossed paths before, but this throws in vampirism and stylish, Tim Burton-esque visuals for good measure.

This first-person game casts you as a vampire who wakes up from centuries of sleep, only to find their grand mansion is now in total disrepair. It's up to you to turn things around, and you'll do that by cleaning, building, decorating, and generally overhauling the estate, turning it into a luxurious hotel.

To find resources for your renovations, you'll have to plumb the depths of the dungeons beneath the building. Once you've fought off some baddies and gathered the stuff you need, you'll gradually rebuild the hotel, using your supernatural powers to help the process. It looks like you'll be able to customise the layout of each room, too. Patrons will begin to flock to the hotel, and you'll need to feed and take care of them to earn some cash. However, you are a vampire, so drinking the blood of some unfortunate visitors will be necessary to restore your powers.

It's still deep in development, but the premise is great, and the trailer acts as a convincing proof of concept. The studio has confirmed Bloody Hell Hotel will come to consoles in the future, though it'll hit PC storefronts first. One to watch, then, but what do you think? Go batty in the comments section below.