To celebrate six years' worth of Overwatch, Blizzard is bringing a bunch of skins back out of the vault, and re-introducing season-exclusive brawls. In addition, the developer is finally getting rid of loot boxes once the event concludes. The event is live now and will run through 30th August.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event will allow players to relive past story-based missions previously exclusive to specific seasons. Uprising is set seven years in the past and sees an Overwatch strike team seeking to liberate King's Row from an army of robots. Retribution, in the inverse, tells the story of Blackwatch operatives attempting to capture a high-ranking Talon scientist.

Players can earn or purchase loot boxes that may contain skins or items from past seasons throughout the event. After the event concludes, however, loot boxes are gone for good. They will no longer be purchasable, and any you had left over will automatically unlock. Good riddance, we say.

Instead, Blizzard wants to know if you would be interested in purchasing select skins for $45. Yes, really.

It's a big event, so for the full, exhaustive list of skins, brawls and miscellaneous details, head on over to the official website.

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