Rainbow Six Siege's next major update is called Operation Brutal Swarm, and it will kick off the competitive shooter's third season of content, and the seventh year of the game's ongoing support. Brutal Swarm is set to launch on PS5 and PS4 on 6th September.

A new operator named Grim is being introduced to the game, along with a new map (Stadium), and the implementation of the next phase of the Reputation system for all players. As you might expect, there will also be a meaty balancing patch coming as well.

Grim looks to shake things up in a big way with his Kawan Hive launcher gadget, which launches what are essentially nano-bee's, tiny robotic insects that can be used to gather intel on enemies, pinging them and applying a debuff simultaneously, perfect for rooting out campers.

A length trailer showcasing the season's highlights, in addition to a bunch of gameplay, can be viewed above, or if you just want to see Grim in action, you can check out the more focused gameplay trailer below.

What do you think of Grim, and of Season 3, Brutal Swarm? Gear up and get ready for deployment in the comments section below.

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