Blade Ubisoft

Update: Following all the rumours and reports, Ubisoft has publicly stated it is not making a Blade game:

We suppose that's that, then, although the images below haven't exactly been explained away. With a Blade game now officially out of the running, your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what that mystery project is.

Original Story: It appears that a game based on Blade, the half-human half-vampire character made immortal by Wesley Snipes's iconic performance in the 1998 film of the same name, could be in the works, developed by Ubisoft. The news comes to us after images from a Ubisoft motion capture session were posted to Instagram by actors Alex Martin and Edwin Gaffney.

The posts were spotted by YouTuber JorRaptor, who cites the Instagram posts and lays out some pretty convincing reasoning. The crux of it is that in the images (which have helpfully been compiled by Rebs Gaming on Twitter), Gaffney and Martin are pictured with a clapperboard that tells us the actors are working on a Marvel project. It also tells us that the director is B. Tariq, or Bassam Tariq, who just so happens to be helming the next Blade film, slated to launch in 2023.

In addition, the Instagram posts were accompanied by an @ubisoft mention, along with the hashtag #ubisoftgames, implying this is related to a Ubisoft video game project. Martin's mocap suit also has a Ubisoft tag on it, and both actors can be seen holding what appears to be katanas, and we all know exactly which kind of sword Blade favours.

This has led to speculation that Ubisoft is indeed working on a Blade project, and specifically one based on the upcoming film. What is unclear, however, is why Tariq's name is on the clapperboard at all, he is directing the film, after all, and not a game. It's possible that the movie is simply using Ubisoft's mocap studio, but why would the Instagram post include video game-related mentions and hashtags?

Maybe we will hear something more substantial at the upcoming Disney & Marvel Showcase in September? We will be sure to update you if that is the case.

What do you make of the whole affair? Would you be excited to see a Ubisoft-led Blade game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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