Tell you what: we’re absolutely loving the style of Train Sim World 3. Let’s all be brutally honest with ourselves: this is one of the nerdiest franchises you’ll find on PlayStation – but it’s not stopping Dovetail Games from trying to make it all seem, well, cool. In addition to the Forza Horizon-style logo, the developer’s also using trap music to promote the title in trailers – unexpected.

This dev diary really does dig into some welcome improvements, though. The new Training Centre track, for example, is a mini route you can use to test out all your locos and learn how to operate them. Elsewhere, the user interface has been completely overhauled, allowing you to more easily get to the most interesting part of the game: driving your trains. You can even pick a random option, which will simply select a route and service for you, and take you straight to the track.

The mantra is freedom: the idea that you can play what you like whenever you like. One big change that the developer’s making is that it’s uncoupling locos from route expansions, with all of the tutorials transitioned to the aforementioned Training Centre. This will give you more flexibility to purchase the content you want, rather than get railroaded [Heh – Ed] into specific routes just because you want a particular train.

It all sounds positive to us – we just hope that new menu is responsive on PS5, because navigating Train Sim World 2 has become a living nightmare for us of late.