Engine tech demos give us a glimpse at what's to come in the world of video game visuals. We've already seen several examples, with Unreal Engine 5 being a prime example with its amazing ancient city and that playable Matrix demo. However, Unity has been in on the action too; in March it released its Enemies teaser, showcasing great character model fidelity. Now, it's back with a short but equally impressive clip featuring a lion and his cub.

Shown in real-time, the demo, simply called Lion, is a collaboration of art and design tools to produce a photorealistic scene. We see the cub playing with its father (serious The Lion King flashbacks) in the African plains, and the level of detail in the fur and the adult's mane is very convincing. What's more, the demo is running on a PS5 at 4K and 30 frames-per-second, as stated in this accompanying blog post.

There's a lot of technical info on that page if you're interested, but the key takeaway for most will be that there's still plenty of room to grow when it comes to real-time graphics. It'll probably be a while before we see games employing these techniques regularly, but it's a neat tease of what to expect going forward.

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