The Last of Us HBO TV 1

Filming has finished on HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, ahead of its launch next year. However, two pivotal characters had remained a mystery – until now. IGN has revealed that Henry will be played by Lamar Johnson, while his younger brother Sam will be portrayed by Keivonn Woodard. Interestingly, protagonists Joel and Ellie will meet the siblings in Kansas City, as opposed to Pittsburgh like in the game. According to the press release, the brothers will be “hiding from a revolutionary movement seeking vengeance”.

Johnson is a Canadian actor who was credited in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, while Woodard is a young up-and-comer. Both will be flanked by veteran performers Graham Greene (Dances with Wolves) and Elaine Miles (Northern Exposure), who will guest star as new characters Marlon and Florence. They’re described as “a married couple surviving alone in the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Wyoming”, although there are no further details beyond that.

Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann has said that this will be the most faithful video game adaptation ever made, although he has always hinted that it will expand on the plot of the game. We know that Joel and Ellie’s original voice actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, will both have roles in the show – and will be playing new characters as well. Hopefully we’ll get some kind of trailer before the end of the year.