The DioField Chronicle Demo

The DioField Chronicle is little over a month away from its PS5 and PS4 release, and Square Enix has released a playable demo so that you can try before you potentially buy. Said demo weighs in at around 7.4GB, and it's long, boasting a bunch of missions that could keep you playing for up to a few hours. What's more, the progress that you make in the demo can be carried over to the full game. Always a nice bonus!

The strategy RPG has been difficult to judge up until this point, based on a couple of trailers that haven't really given the best impressions. But more recent gameplay has looked much better, suggesting that The DioField Chronicle could be a bit of a surprise hit, if it can keep things tactically engaging throughout its runtime.

But again, that's the beauty of a playable demo, isn't it? Will you be assembling a ragtag army? Start marching in the comments section below.

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