Ray'z Arcade Chronology PS4 1

As is customary for ININ Games, you’ll need a degree to decipher all the different ways it’s releasing Ray’z Arcade Chronology, the shmup compilation recently announced for PS4 in Japan. Let’s get the main information out of the way first, then: the core collection will be available digitally from the PS Store and will include five different games for $49.99.

They are as follows:

  • RayForce (1994)
  • RayStorm (1996)
  • RayStorm NEO-HD (2023)
  • RayCrisis (1998)
  • RayCrisis HD (2023)
Ray'z Arcade Chronology PS4 2

A cheaper, alternative version named RayStorm x RayCrisis HD Collection will also release for $39.99, and this will be available both digitally and physically. However, it will remove RayForce from the roster. Meanwhile, a Strictly Limited Games Collector’s Edition will come with a bunch of physical paraphernalia, and will include RayForce’s previously unreleased prototype successor R-Gear. You might want to move fast on that one, as copies are restricted to around 1,000 units.

A complete mess of a product slate, then, but we suppose the main thing is that the main Ray’z Arcade Chronology is getting a Western release. For more on the package, check out our previous article through here.