From the team that brought us Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden comes Miasma Chronicles, another turn-based tactical RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, which was revealed back in May. Today, we got a new trailer looking at the game's colourful cast of oddballs and misfits.

Miasma Chronicles follows protagonist Elvis and his robotic sidekick, Diggs, mercenary Jade, and guy-in-the-jar Mason, as they journeys across the blasted wasteland of New America. Their mission is to find a solution to the catastrophic problem that is the Miasma, an unknowable force that threatens the very survival of Earth's remaining inhabitants.

Savage mutants, corrupted creatures, and opportunistic bandits stand in their way, and only through developer Bearded Ladies trademark mix of turn-based tactical combat with stealth elements will you be able to turn the tide.

What do you think of Miasma Chronicles? Were you a fan of Mutant Year Zero? Sneak your way to the comments section below.