Soul Hackers 2 release is right around the corner, with Atlus' latest JRPG launching on PS5 and PS4 on 25th August. Today we got a new trailer detailing the various DLC which will be available from launch, determined by which version of the game you pick up.

The DLC ranges from a bonus story arc, music and costumes from Persona 4, Persona 5, and SMTIV, additional demons to summon, a selection of booster items, and more.

The official description for each pack is as follows:

  • Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers – Grants access to a bonus story arc centred around a new Devil Summoner, Nana, and a new dungeon with a punishing boss.
  • Costume & BGM pack – Adds themed outfits for your entire party, battle BGM, and accessories from Persona 4, Persona 5, Shin Megami Tensei IV and more.
  • Bonus Demon Pack – Access 8 powerful demons, including Tzitzimitl, Anahita, Armaiti, Zaou-Gongen, Nemissa, Mara, Masakado and Satan.
  • Booster Item Pack – Increases the frequency of dropped items from battles to earn in-game currency, boost stats and grant EXP.
  • Useful Item Set + Extra Difficulty – Adds essential items for your journey and a VERY HARD game mode for ambitious players seeking a thrilling challenge.

The Useful Item Set and the Extra Difficulty DLC will be available for all players for free at launch.

Each piece of DLC is included in the Digital Premium Edition of the game, which will run you $89.99 or £74.99.

The Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes just The Lost Numbers story arc and the Booster Item pack, is available for $69.99, or £54.99

Each item will likely be available individually before long and probably go on sale too, as was the case with Persona 5.

Will you be picking up either the Digital Premium or Digital Deluxe edition of Soul Hackers 2? Let us know in the comments section below.