Today we got a new gameplay trailer for JRPG Soul Hackers 2, which details the different aspects of devil summoning, and the particulars of combat. Soul Hackers 2 launches next week, on PS5 and PS4, on 26th August.

Veterans of previous Atlus games will feel right at home with the combat mechanics of Soul Hackers 2. Exploiting enemy weaknesses will grant the player stacks, and protagonist Ringo will be able to use these stacks to trigger a Sabbath, a brutal attack that damages every enemy on the field, similar to an All-Out Attack from the Persona franchise.

There are a few wrinkles to spice things up this time around, though. As Ringo's affinity with her teammates increases (via the Soul Matrix system), she will gain the ability to use Commander Skills, abilities that don't take up a turn to use. These can take a variety of forms, and some can trigger passively throughout the battle.

In addition, there is the new Mistique mechanic, by which characters can learn new abilities by levelling up their equipped demons, which can take the form of affinities or other stat boosts. This adds a further layer of complexity, as you will need to find the best Mistique to suit each character.

What do you make of Soul Hackers 2 combat system? Are you excited to dive into the game when it launches next week? Hack into the comments section below.

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