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Update: Well, that didn’t last long. The original Helldivers 2 clip has been removed from Twitter, following a response from a copyright holder. Of course, this effectively confirms that the video is real, as no company will be losing sleep over a fake.

Original Article: Things we didn’t expect to see today: ten seconds from a purported Helldivers 2 trailer, seemingly confirming the game is in development for PS5 under the PS Studios umbrella. The footage appears to depict an unfinished trailer, which is currently being edited. We’ve contacted the source for clarification about the origins of the clip.

The small-print at the start of the video mentions that the gameplay has been captured on the PS5, and it shows a flock of aircrafts before transitioning to the PS Studios ident. Then we see a crashing spaceship and some corpses, while the narrator reveals “the aliens are at our doorstep” and “democracy hangs in the balance”.


Assuming this is legitimate, it raises a few questions: where will this be announced? Sony has already said it won’t participate in Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, so could this be part of an upcoming PS Showcase, perhaps? The original Helldivers launched over seven years ago, but was a big critical and commercial hit for Sony, and culminated in the platform holder’s first official PC port.

It seems that Swedish studio Arrowhead is once again at the helm, after it confirmed it was working on a “next-gen” co-op shooter a couple of years ago. Interestingly, it described the project as a third-person game, suggesting that it may be ditching the isometric perspective of the original entry for its successor. Is this a sequel that you’ve been waiting for? Run-‘n’-gun into the comments section below.

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