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Sony’s esports strategy is an unsung part of the organisation’s interests, but if you ever look at its YouTube channel, you’ll see just how much it pushes the many PlayStation Tournaments and competitive events. The company obviously recently bought EVO, and hosted its first in-person event earlier in the month, which was a big success.

It’s natural for the firm to want to improve and expand the functionality on its new-gen console, then, and a public beta will roll out in “select countries” adding new features in the coming weeks. To be fair, this looks pretty neat: you’ll be able to sign-up for events, compete, and win prizes – all within the console ecosystem itself.

So what’s actually being added? Tournaments will be incorporated into the PS5 Control Center, allowing you to sign up with a simple push of the PS button when you’re in-game. The platform holder’s increasing the number of tournaments but lowering the overall brackets, meaning the durations of the contests will be shorter, but the opportunities to participate will be increased.

You’ll be able to pull up brackets from within the user interface, and there’ll be real-time match reporting as tournaments take place. Each tournament will have prizes up for grabs, and some will offer rewards just for participating, in an effort to encourage all skill levels. “Our goal is to bring you seamless on-console tournament experiences with a diverse selection of titles and easier ways to join and compete for exciting rewards,” the firm explained.

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