Simulation games are popping up for basically every profession you can think of, so it was a matter of time before developers would invent new jobs to digitally recreate. Hardspace: Shipbreaker whisks you into the harsh vacuum of space and tasks you with scrapping abandoned spaceships using a variety of tools — all in zero gravity.

Released earlier this year on PC, it's just been announced for PS5 too, and it could be a treat. Critical reception was pretty stellar for the Steam version, so here's hoping the console port holds up. The premise is certainly interesting — working for an oppressive mega-corporation called LYNX, you're just one cog in a big machine, sent to do dangerous work — cutting up condemned spaceships — for little reward. It looks like this will be one of those relaxing, slow burn games to play while listening to a podcast, tuning out the world while you use laser cutters and other tools to systematically deconstruct space garbage.

We're certainly interested to see what it's all about, but what about you? Are you interested in Hardspace: Shipbreaker? Blast off in the comments section below.