Alone in the Dark Inferno PS3

The Snitch, a leaker that has proven to be very reliable over the last few months, has another teaser for us. Their latest hint at what's to come is a quote that, through some cursory googling, can be directly linked to Alone in the Dark:

The line, "Being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive," is directly lifted from 2005's Alone in the Dark movie. Naturally, fans are taking this to mean something related to the game series is on the way. It's unclear at this point if we're talking about a remake or potentially a brand new entry.

As far as we're aware, THQ Nordic holds the rights to the horror franchise, and wouldn't you know it, the publisher has a showcase in just a few days, on 12th August. It all seems to be lining up pretty nicely, but obviously we should take this lightly for now. That said, The Snitch hasn't really put a foot wrong so far.

What do you think? Will we see something Alone in the Dark related in the near future? Do you want this series to make a comeback? Switch the lights off in the comments section below.