The popular free-to-play fighting game, MultiVersus, is preparing for the delayed launch of Season 1, which is looking like a doozy. It's set to add new modes, characters, and cosmetics to WB Games' crossover brawler, with Rick and Morty of Rick and Morty both joining the roster in the near future. However, one leaker claims to have discovered a feature that might help with that slow-burn Battle Pass.

According to Twitter user AisulMV, a shared Battle Pass feature was in the works at some stage of the game's development, and may still turn up in future updates. They have a couple of images that explain how it works:

Essentially, once per season, this feature would allow you to link up with a buddy and then both build progress on a shared Battle Pass. You would both still earn currency rewards and complete your own quests, but Battle Pass progress from both participants would build the same meter, unlocking rewards for both players. It sounds like a great idea, but there's no official word on whether this is really coming.

Currently, it seems this has just been datamined from an early version of MultiVersus, so it's not a sure thing that it'll wind up in the game proper. Hopefully Player First Games will comment on this, as it would be good to have this cleared up. Again, it sounds like a good idea to us, especially as Season 1's Battle Pass will feature 50 tiers of unlocks.

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