Certain things are just inarguably cool, and it seems like Sucker Punch Productions has a good eye for that trait. Superheroes. Samurai. Dinosaurs. Big swords. Wait, what were those last two?

While the Sony studio is almost certainly plugging away at Ghost of Tsushima 2, gameplay animator Jean Nguyen has been cutting loose with some unrelated work. We're not gonna lie, we want whatever this game would be:

Just a casual spinosaurus wielding Cloud's buster sword with some awesome combos. As you might expect, the tweet has caught on, currently sitting at 73,400 likes and a lot of comments wishing for a game in this manner.

It should be noted that Nguyen's work here is not related to any game, and is just for fun. Looking at his timeline, it seems he's a big fan of dinos and making them overpowered:

What do you think of these animations? Would you enjoy a game about sword-wielding dinosa-- who are we kidding, of course you would. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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